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Since launching in 2004, MoneyScience has been presenting expertly curated news, events and resources for the Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Communities. Now in September 2019, we are thrilled to introduce the 5th iteration of the site, now fully mobile friendly and built in collaboration with Thematic Networks on their powerful Spine Platform for community building and management.

15 years after Jacob created the site, following a 3-year stint helping to launch and manage the scholarly journal Quantitative Finance, the finance landscape has changed profoundly. While hard scientists from Physics and Math still find that their know-how and statistical expertise have a vital place, they have been joined by data scientists, economists and technologists from a much broader background as the market for training and education has expanded dramatically and the field itself continues to evolve and reinvent itself in the wake of the Financial Crisis of 2011 - and with the rapid dvelopment of new financial technologies and computational approaches.

MoneyScience intends to build the largest repository of free-to-access resources and research in quant finance, all the while providing an extensive suite of community building tools and services, giving registered users the capacity to build their own libraries of content to share with the community more broadly. In simple terms, MoneyScience aims to become the default venue for Quant Finance news and discussion, as well as the ideal place for individuals, firms and research groups to promote their own research and resources to like-minded researchers and practitioners worldwide.


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