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All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled Too Big Too Frail 
By Bill Kelly, CAIA CEO The most intractable challenges in society, and life, sometimes subsist in a state of duality. The size and scale of the downside are enormous and almost paralyzing if allowed into our daily psyche. Sometimes however, especially in life, we have finely tuned coping mechanisms that we allow in to keep these thoughts in check. This mental recalibration can be a good thing, especially when put intoRead More
8 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled We Only Get to Experience One Version of Reality
We cannot predict what is going to happen, but we absolutely can gain a good sense of how we'd respond to different outcomes....
11 hours ago
MackGariba has started a discussion topic titled Which Is Superior Fha Mortgage Loans Or Traditional Home Loans 12 hours ago
MackGariba   Balloon Loans - These loans have really modest payments for their tenure, but at the time of closing, the borrower demands to make a large balloon... 12 hours ago
LashondaHu has started a discussion topic titled What Is The Purpose Of Federal Housing Administration And It Advantages 19 hours ago
LashondaHu   To work with the FHA mortgage calculator one should know the price of the home that you are willing to purchase with its down payment costs. The next... 19 hours ago
WindyBenge has started a discussion topic titled Find The Excellent Instrument To Determine Fha Mortgage 19 hours ago
WindyBenge   The FHA Mortgage Calculator gives you a detailed note on finances and the total costs. Nowadays, this is very convenient for the people to get into... 19 hours ago
WindyBenge has started a discussion topic titled Best Deals Offered By Fha Mortgage 19 hours ago
WindyBenge   In this Costing and financial transactions the FHA Mortgage Calculator will come handy for many people these days. More number of people are emerging... 19 hours ago
All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled AIMA’s Vision Statement from Hedge Fund Industry Leaders
Some of the leading figures in the alt investment industry have put their dignified heads together and created a vision statement, called “Perspectives: Industry Leaders on the Future of the Hedge Fund Industry.” The gist of the paper is that firms in the industry are quickly adapting to contemporary conditionsRead More
23 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Free agents
For more than half a century, U.S. government officials have considered disaster scenarios, such as the consequences of a nuclear bomb going off in Washington, D.C. Only now, instead of following fixed story lines and predictions assembled ahead of time, they are using computers to play what-if with an entire artificial society: an advanced type of computer simulation called an agent-based model. Today’s version of the nuclear attack model includes a digital simulation of every building in the area affected by the bomb, as well as every road, power line, hospital, and even cell tower....