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Tales from a Trading Desk wrote a new blog post titled What happens when Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) are forgotten
“Behind the Curtain of the Rollout” offer a few excellent quotes.  I particularly like the quote around the number of concurrent users: After the launch, HHS officials sharply criticized CMS’s management leading up to the launch of Referencing an email in which a CMS official admits the system could not handle more than 500 concurrent users, Mr. Baitman wrote “Frankly, it’s worse than I imagined!” and Mr. Sivak replied, “Anyone who has any software experience at all would read that and immediately ask what the fuck you were thinking by launching.”...
3 hours ago
All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled Metamorphosis in HFT: Update with Brad Katsuyama of IEX, Central Figure in ‘Flash Boys’
Guest columnist and intrepid reporter Doug Friedenberg talks to Brad Katsuyama about HFT, Michael Lewis and more.
6 hours ago
The Practical Quant wrote a new blog post titled Announcing Spark Certification
I'm happy to announce the Databricks/O'Reilly Developer Certification for Apache Spark! For more details, please read my post on the O'Reilly Radar.
7 hours ago
Econometrics Beat wrote a new blog post titled "Inverting" Singular Matrices
You can only invert a matrix if that matrix is non-singular. Right? Actually, that's wrong. You see, there are various sorts of inverse matrices, and most of them apply to the situation where the original matrix is singular.  Before elaborating on this, notice that this fact may be interesting in the context of estimating the coefficients of a linear regression model, y = Xβ + ε. Least squares estimation leads to the so-called "normal equations":            ...
9 hours ago
Eze Castle Integration wrote a new blog post titled Hedge Fund Startup Tips from 9 Emerging Manager Experts
We’ve tapped the expertise of nine experts in the hedge fund startup space to share their thoughts on a range of topics specific to emerging hedge fund managers. Below are some highlights and you can read the entire Emerging Managers Insight Series eBook here. #1: The Prime Broker Perspective (Glen Dailey, Jefferies & Company) Set a realistic schedule to launch and don’t rush to get the hedge fund up and running too quickly. Take the time to partner with the right service providers that will support your business from the start and as you grow. Budget for a marketer...
9 hours ago
Institute for New Economic Thinking wrote a new blog post titled Yes Or No, Scottish Independence Will Remain an Issue For U.K.
Today is the day. Today the world will learn the definitive answer as to whether Scotland will remain a part of the United Kingdom or launch the first step toward independence. The most recent polls seem to indicate a narrow margin of victory for the No side, but it's too close to call, especially given the huge turnout and the size of the youth vote (16 is the voting age minimum for the referendum.) Even in the event of a No vote, the vexed issue of independence won't go away. The very closeness of the vote will ensure that it remains a live issue, ready to be exploited by the...
13 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled Fractional dynamics on networks: Emergence of anomalous diffusion and Lévy flights
We introduce a formalism of fractional diffusion on networks based on a fractional Laplacian matrix that can be constructed directly from the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the Laplacian matrix. This fractional approach allows random walks with long-range dynamics providing a general framework for anomalous diffusion and navigation, and inducing dynamically the small-world property on any network. We obtained exact results for the stationary probability distribution, the average fractional return probability, and a global time, showing that the efficiency to navigate the network is greater...
14 hours ago
iMFdirect wrote a new blog post titled Three Key Questions About the Slowdown in Emerging Markets
By Sweta Saxena 1. Are emerging markets slowing down? Yes. They have been slowing down for some time now. GDP growth has declined from 7 percent during the pre-crisis period (2003-8) to 6 percent over the post-crisis period (2010-13) to 5 percent, in our projections, over the next 5 years (2014-18).  This path is illustrated below in chart 1. This last point stands out. Despite an uneven recovery, growth in advanced economies is projected to eventually recover. Not so for emerging markets. Chart 1 More worrisome is the medium—term outlook, where projections have been revised down serially...
15 hours ago
Numerix LLC wrote a new blog post titled Part I: The Implications of the Scotland Referendum – An Expert View with Udi Sela
Udi Sela provides his perspective on the implications of the Scotland Referendum and the impact it could have on the foreign exchange markets, and the financial sector overall.
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Blackstone Seeks $16 Billion For Next Fund
The Blackstone Group has begun fundraising for its seventh flagship fund, hoping to attract $16 billion in commitments. The new fund, Blackstone Capital Partners VII, is set to match the size of its predecessor, which took four years to net $16 billion before closing in 2012. read more
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Goldman Asia Hedge Fund Hits $1 Billion
Goldman Sachs’ in-house Asia hedge fund has garnered US$1 billion in assets and closed to investors less than a year after its debut. read more
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled SAC’s CFTC Registrations Revoked
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has revoked SAC Capital Advisors’ registration due to its guilty plea to insider-trading charges. read more
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Analytic Investors To Sub-Advise 361 Capital Long/Short Fund
Liquid alternatives specialist 361 Capital is launching a long/short equity mutual fund sub-advised by Los Angeles-based quant Analytic Investors. read more
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Mariner Makes 3 Senior Hires
Leawood, Kan.-based Mariner Wealth Advisors has made three senior hires, adding Sarah Tiedt, Mark Vlasic and Jeff Maher to its team. read more
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Emerging Hedge Funds Post Biggest Gains
Emerging hedge funds—those with an under two-year track record—have outperformed over the 12 months ending in Q2, returning an average of 11.3% compared to 9.1% for the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index. read more
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Real Estate PE Firm Park Madison Names Sweeney VP
Real estate private equity specialist Park Madison Partners has promoted John H. Sweeney to vice president. read more
19 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Capita Buys Hedge Fund Services Specialist Throgmorton
Capita Asset Services has acquired hedge fund service provider Throgmorton for an undisclosed amount. read more
19 hours ago