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TradingSmarter wrote a new blog post titled Hedge Fund News Wrap: Week Ending 8/1/2014
Deadline to Pay Hedge Fund Passes, Argentina Defaults On midnight Wednesday, Argentina officially defaulted on the debt it owes to creditors and bondholders. The nation missed the deadline to pay the $539 million it owes in interest to creditors from its previous default in 2001. A U.S. federal judge had ruled that the interest payment could not be made unless investors, led by hedge fund Elliot Management, received the $1.5 billion they are claiming. A court-appointed mediator was put in place to negotiate deals between the hedge funds and Argentina, but both sides failed to come to a mutual...
6 hours ago
Institute for New Economic Thinking wrote a new blog post titled Political Dogma is Holding Back Reform in Economics
By Abdul Alrahman Alasaad Do you know what we need before we can have a sound monetary system, a reformed economic curricula, and wealth redistribution instruments? We need critically sound economic discourse. Today’s global economic conversation has been fractured by political agendas and irrational dogma. But if this doesn’t change soon our economic scholarship is going nowhere, which will have a profound impact on our society. In light of this predicament, the obvious questions are why does economics lack a productive discourse, and how can we restore economics to its critical...
6 hours ago
iMFdirect wrote a new blog post titled Europe’s Russian Connections
By Aasim M. Husain, Anna Ilyina and Li Zeng The conflict in Ukraine and the related imposition of sanctions against Russia signal an escalation of geopolitical tensions that is already being felt in the Russian financial markets (Chart 1). A deterioration in the conflict, especially with but even without a further escalation of sanctions and counter-sanctions, could have a substantial adverse impact on the Russian economy through direct and indirect (confidence) channels. Chart 1 What would be the repercussions for the rest of Europe if there were to be disruptions in trade or financial...
8 hours ago
iMFdirect wrote a new blog post titled Links and Levers: How the Caucasus and Central Asia’s Fate Is Tied to Russia’s
By Alberto Behar The countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) are closely linked with Russia through trade, financial, and labor market channels. These ties have served the region well in recent years, helping it make significant economic gains when times were good. But how is the region affected when Russia’s economy slows down? Underlying structural weaknesses have reduced Russia’s growth prospects for this year and over the medium term. Tensions emanating from developments in eastern Ukraine—including an escalation of fighting, the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, and new...
8 hours ago
Timing Logic wrote a new blog post titled Dystopia Continues To Flourish: CIA Illegally Broke Into And Spied On The United States Senate
The world gets more and more dystopian.  The CIA is a corrupt, rogue, antidemocratic institution.  It can never be reformed.  It’s mission is inconsistent with democracy. It seems CIA leaders were concerned about what may come out in their illegal torture programs.   These acts certainly appear far more serious than Watergate.   If you or I did this, I would go to prison for a long time. "Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how...
9 hours ago
Quantitative Finance wrote a new blog post titled Multiscale exponential Lévy-type models
Quantitative Finance, Ahead of Print.
10 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled Dow Jones Erases All of 2014′s Gains
Yesterday’s 317 point loss for the Dow Jones Industrial Average – coming as it did on the heels of great economic news (GDP, Jobs) – […]
10 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled Hot Links: And Just Like That
Your morning financial links, expertly curated.
10 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled How Your Bank Financial Advisor is Trained
A classic (NSFW): This is what happens when you’re opening an account and the banker asks you questions, writes down your answers, and then disappears […]
10 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled Chart o’ the Day: “Earnings Will Disappoint”
Laszlo Birinyi is out with his new quarterly commentary and he’s got a wicked chart to demonstrate how wrong the bearish earnings forecasts have been […]
10 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled ‘Interstellar’ full trailer hits!
Director Chris Nolan (Memento, the last Batman trilogy) premiered the full trailer for his upcoming Interstellar at Comic-Con this past week and the nerds went […]
10 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled The Labor Market vs the Bond Market
The tightening labor market and increasing confidence we’ve been seeing in the surveys are starting to have an actual impact on people’s salaries. Things are […]
10 hours ago
The Reformed Broker wrote a new blog post titled This is why I’m here
The other day, a Barron’s reporter called me “sermonizing”. He said some other nice things about me too, and I wasn’t mad, but it did make […]
10 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Rothschild Larch Lane Management Jumps Into Liquid Alternatives Space
Rothschild Larch Lane Management Company has launched a liquid, open end alternatives mutual fund which utilizes a risk balanced approach to portfolioconstruction. read more
10 hours ago
FINalternatives wrote a new blog post titled Man Group Shares Fall On Report Of Slow Inflows
Man Group Plc, the world’s largest publicly traded hedge-fund manager, dropped in London after inflows slowed and the company said it was guarded on performance after 7 percent growth in assets under management. read more
10 hours ago
All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled The Skorina Report is Surfing the Age of Asset Management: Will the tide of global AUM lift all asset-management boats?
Charles Skorina looks at the future of CIOs and with rising AUM and sees a forecast calling for sunny and bright. Maybe it's finally time to break out the shades!
11 hours ago
Complexity Digest wrote a new blog post titled From Dyson to Hopfield: Processing on hierarchical networks
We consider statistical-mechanical models for spin systems built on hierarchical structures, which provide a simple example of non-mean-field framework. We show that the coupling decay with spin distance can give rise to peculiar features and phase diagrams much richer that their mean-field counterpart. In particular, we consider the Dyson model, mimicking ferromagnetism in lattices, and we prove the existence of a number of meta-stabilities, beyond the ordered state, which get stable in the thermodynamic limit. Such a feature is retained when the hierarchical structure is coupled with the...
11 hours ago