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GPUs, Monte Carlo Simulation and Kooderive with Professor Mark Joshi - February 25-27th, London, UK - Further Information

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The science of moving dots: the O'Reilly Data Show Podcast

November 23, 2014 by The Practical Quant   Comments (0)

[This post originally appeared on the O'Reilly Radar blog.]Editor’s note: you can subscribe to the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast through SoundCloud or through our RSS feed.[You can find Episode 1 here.]Many data scientists are comfortable working with structured operational data and unstructured text. Newer techniques like deep learning have opened up data types like images, video, and audio.Other common data sources are garnering attention. With the rise of mobile phones equipped with GPS, I’m...

Lagging Long Yields

November 23, 2014 by The Aleph Blog   Comments (0)

I’m a very intellectually curious person — I could spend most of my time researching investing questions if I had the resources to do that and that alone.  This post at the blog will be a little more wonky than most.  If you don’t like reading about bonds, Fed Policy, etc., you can skip down to the conclusion and read that.This post stems from an investigation of mine, and two recent articles that made me say, “Okay, time to publish the investigation.”  The...

The Finanser's Week: 16th November – 23rd November 2014

November 22, 2014 by The Financial Services Club   Comments (0)

Our biggest stories of the past week are ... What is the 'digital core' for a bank? I’ve been talking about banks replacing their legacy mess with a digital core for a while now. Rearchitect your bank by getting rid of spaghetti based systems organised around products and channels to market, and redesign them for digital structures focused upon customers. That is not easy, as it implies replacing systems in real-time. How do you change the engines on a jet when it’s flying high? is the...

His brain, her brain?

November 22, 2014 by Complexity Digest   Comments (0)

There is a long history of scientific inquiry about what role biological sex plays in differences between brain function in human males and females. Greater knowledge of the influence of biological sex on the human brain promises much-needed insights into brain function and especially dysfunctions that differentially affect the sexes (1). Certainly, advancing technologies and an increasing wealth of data (with more sophisticated analyses) should prompt robust future research—carefully...

This Week on TRB

November 22, 2014 by The Reformed Broker   Comments (0)

(Financial journalism and investing panel, the Charlie Rose Show 11/18) These were the most read posts on the site this week, in case you missed them:...

US market portrait 2014 week 47

November 22, 2014 by Burns Statistics   Comments (0)

US large cap market returns. Fine print The data are from Yahoo The S&P 500 stocks are used (as implied by S&P on 2014 January 11) that still survive with the same symbol The initial post was “Replacing market indices” The R code is in marketportrait_funs.R — you are free to use these functions however you like

It’s Their Money

November 22, 2014 by The Aleph Blog   Comments (0)

Photo Credit: Richard.AsiaRecently, I had a client leave me.  I’m not sure why he did — I didn’t ask, because that’s his business.  It *is* his money, after all, not mine.  After deducting the accrued fee, I thanked him for his business, and wished him well.I try to be low pressure in my work.  I also try to discourage the idea that if someone uses my services, they will do better than the average, much less phenomenally.  I remind potential clients of what happened to...

Antibody landscapes after influenza virus infection or vaccination

November 21, 2014 by Complexity Digest   Comments (0)

Each one of us may encounter several different strains of the ever-changing influenza virus during a lifetime. Scientists can now summarize such histories of infection over a lifetime of exposure. Fonville et al. visualize the interplay between protective responses and the evasive influenza virus by a technique called antibody landscape modeling (see the Perspective by Lessler). Landscapes reveal how exposure to new strains of the virus boost immune responses and indicate possibilities for...