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March 2012

The Week in MoneyScience - Digest 30/03/12

March 30, 2012 Comments (0)

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It was quite well received last week, so here we go. It's Fractal Friday http://pic.twitter.com/Px8I3LJb
The Second Annual Harry M Markowitz Award from The Journal Of Investment Management - http://t.co/1laBehdO
The Harry M Markowitz Award winning paper: Predicting Financial...

eReport: The Crisis Aftermath - New Regulatory Paradigms

March 30, 2012 Comments (0)

Edited by Mathias Dewatripont and Xavier Freixas
Download the PDF here.
Table of Contents
1 Introduction    Mathias Dewatripont and Xavier Freixas
2 Corperate Governance and Banks: What Have We Learned from the Fiancial Crisis?    Hamid Mehran, Alan Morrison and Joel Shapiro
3 The Coutercyclical Capital Buffer of Basel III: A Critical Assessment    Rafael Repullo and Jesus Saurina
4 Disclosure, Transparency and Market Discipline    Xavier Freixas...

The Second Annual Harry M Markowitz Award Winners

March 27, 2012 Comments (0)

The winning paper provides a new, more accurate model for predicting financial distress and the performance of distressed stocks Special Selection panel consists of Nobel Prize winners Harry M. Markowitz, Robert C. Merton, Myron S. Scholes, and William F. Sharpe
The Journal Of Investment Management (“JOIM”) and New Frontier Advisors, LLC (“NFA”) announced last month the winners of the second annual Harry M. Markowitz Awards. Top recognition was awarded to John Y....

The Week in MoneyScience - Digest 23/03/12

March 23, 2012 Comments (0)

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The Ultimate #FollowFriday - 250+ Finance and Economics Tweeters Worth Following - http://bit.ly/GGGJwa
Researchers send 'wireless' message using neutrinos - how's that for...

250+ Finance Tweeters Worth Following

March 22, 2012 Comments (0)

I've been looking for a way to conveniently display a list of my favourite tweeters for quite some time now and fortunately PeerIndex seem to have cracked the problem with their Groups functionality. Now you can import a group directly from Twitter, edit it and then embed the results on your own page. Not only this, but they organise the list according to their magic algorithm, PeerIndex Scores which they say 'is a relative measure of your online authority' and 'reflects the impact of your...

Strategic Hedge Fund Planning

March 20, 2012 Comments (0)

By Attorney Hannah M. Terhune, JD, LLM (Taxation)
2012 © Email: hterhune@capitalmanagementservicesgroup.com   Telephone:  (307) 213-4732
Creating a hedge fund to protect and manage your assets or the assets of others for a fee is a practical way to earn a living. Successful hedge funds continue to attract the wealthy, the working not-so-wealthy, businesses, and pension funds looking for better investment options.  Despite recent law changes,...

Towards a common financial language - speech by Andrew Haldane

March 14, 2012 Comments (0)

In a speech drawn from a paper presented at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s (SIFMA) Legal Entity Identifier Symposium in New York, Andrew Haldane – Executive Director for Financial Stability and member of the Financial Policy Committee – considers the benefits of finance adopting a common language that he believes “…could transform both itself and its contribution to wider society.” The paper is written jointly with two Bank...

The Black-Scholes Formula: A Documentary

March 13, 2012 Comments (0)

This documentary from the BBC's Horizon program charts the history behind perhaps the most important formula in finance: the Black-Scholes-Merton options pricing model. Two of its creators were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1997 and only a year later their hedge fund Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) had collapsed with staggering losses of $100 billion due to significant leverage of the strategy. The Black-Scholes Formula was derived by observing that an investor can...

eBook - Rebuilding the Global Banking Industry: Scenarios for the Next Decade of Banking

March 13, 2012 Comments (0)

Table of Contents

Banking industry’s first video-enhanced eBook caps year-long scenario planning exercise by banking executives and academics; presents new growth strategies for the next 10 years.
Despite an uncertain global economy and a continually shifting regulatory environment, the top teams at the world’s leading banks are starting to plot paths toward growth. With no proven economic model to point to, bankers are attempting to understand the many possible futures they...

Documentary Trailer: Four Horsemen

March 13, 2012 Comments (0)

'Can we turn a free market into a fair market?' asks this New Scientist review of the documentary Four Horsemen which has been made by film-maker Ross Ashcroft, the man behind radical economy website Renegade Economist, and features interviews with a broad swathe of economists from Joseph Stiglitz to Noam Chomsky to Gillian Tett.

Marcus Chown writes in New Scientist:
...As faces appeared on the screen, one at a time, I braced myself for a 90-minute talking-head gloom-fest. But the...