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August 2012

MoneyScience Digest -18/08/12

August 18, 2012 Comments (0)

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Dilbert and the Church of Big Data - via @Asymptotix
Video - Modeling the Unmodelable: Imperfect Knowledge and Non-Routine Change -
A $1.2bn Simulation of Civilization: FuturICT wants to build super-real simulations to help predict the future
The Architecture of...

Video - Modeling the Unmodelable: Imperfect Knowledge and Non-Routine Change

August 17, 2012 Comments (0)

Via The Institute for New Economic Thinking series 30 Ways to be an Economist.

How do you model the unmodelable? By taking seriously the idea of non-routine change. Simply put, change in capitalist economies is to a significant degree non-routine, and thus cannot be adequately forecasted or represented in advance with mechanical rules and procedures. In this groundbreaking area of inquiry, four INET grantees lead the way.
Roman Frydman, Michael Goldberg, Søren Johansen, and...

The Daly Post Podcast: Interview with Eli Derman about his Novel, 'High Finance'

August 1, 2012 Comments (0)

In this episode of the Daly Post Podcast, Rob interviews author and former Turquoise chief executive Eli Lederman on his first novel, High Finance. Set in a fictitious investment bank, the story follows 10 days in the life of exotics derivatives trader Jerry Klein on the eve of the 2008 credit crisis as Klein becomes one of the firm’s newest minted managing directors. How much truth can be told in fiction? Listen to the podcast to find out.