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January 2013

MoneyScience Digest - 25/01/13

January 25, 2013 Comments (0)

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The Brain Man: Richard Peterson, Sentiment Analysis and MarketPsychData
The reason we lose at games - research from Doyne Farmer & Tobias Galla and a discussion at Slashdot
Women in Quantitative Finance #1 - My interview with Professor Carol...

Why financial markets are inefficient

January 24, 2013 Comments (0)

Roger E. A. Farmer
The efficient market hypothesis – in various forms – is at the heart of modern finance and macroeconomics. This column argues that market efficiency is extremely unlikely even without frictions or irrationality. Why? Because there are multiple equilibria, only one of which is Pareto efficient. For all other equilibria, the whims of market participants cause the welfare of the young to vary substantially in a way they would prefer to avoid, if given the choice....

Women in Quantitative Finance #1 - Interview with Professor Carol Alexander

January 18, 2013 Comments (0)

In this first of a series of interviews of Women in Quantitative Finance, I've been speaking to Professor Carol Alexander who leads the Finance and Accounting Group at the University of Sussex and is co-editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Banking and Finance. She is also the former Chair of Risk Management of the ICMA Centre at the Henley Business School in Reading and between 2010 – 2012 she was Chair of the Board of PRMIA (Professional Risk Manager's International Association). She holds...

Forecasting Financial Crises: A Short Documentary

January 14, 2013 Comments (0)

Finance is as fragile as a house of cards, as complicated as a Rubik cube, and as intermingled as a bunch of mikado sticks. Science can help to sort out patterns in the complexity of the economic world. FOC (Forecasting Financial Crises), a European research project, has developed tools to model, monitor, and visualize crucial patterns of financial crises.

FOC is a Scientific Project Financed by FET OPEN Scheme in the field of Information and Communication Technology by the European...

The reason we lose at games

January 14, 2013 Comments (0)

Writing in PNAS, a University of Manchester physicist has discovered that some games are simply impossible to fully learn, or too complex for the human mind to understand.
Dr Tobias Galla from The University of Manchester and Professor Doyne Farmer from Oxford University and the Santa Fe Institute, ran thousands of simulations of two-player games to see how human behaviour affects their decision-making.
In simple games with a small number of moves, such as Noughts and Crosses the optimal...

Robert Litzenberger Selected As The Recipient Of The 2012 IAFE/SunGard Financial Engineer Of The Year Award

January 13, 2013 Comments (0)

The International Association of Financial Engineers ( and SunGard ( today announced Robert Litzenberger, Professor Emeritus at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a Director at RGM Advisors, and a retired Goldman Sachs partner has been named the 2012 IAFE/SunGard Financial Engineer of the Year (FEOY).  The award will be presented to Dr. Litzenberger on February 7, 2013, at the newly opened Museum of Mathematics in New York City,...

Finance Professor Ulrike Malmendier Receives 2013 Fischer Black Prize

January 13, 2013 Comments (0)

Berkeley-Haas Finance Professor Ulrike Malmendier has been awarded the 2013 Fischer Black Prize from the American Finance Association, which honors the top finance scholar under the age of 40 years old.  The prize was announced to the public Jan. 7, 2013.
The prize was established in 2002 in honor of Fischer Black, who was a co-inventor, along with Myron Scholes, of the Nobel-prize winning Black-Scholes-Merton Options-Pricing Model. The prize is modeled after the Fields Medal in...

The Brain Man: Richard Peterson, Sentiment Analysis and MarketPsychData

January 10, 2013 Comments (0)

Back in September of last year I was fortunate enough to attend the Battle of the Quants event in London, a veritable schmoozefest for some of the brightest folks in the Quant world, stuffed full of rising stars with a few legendary old timers thrown in for good measure.
On Day 2 I was pleased to grab 20 minutes with one of those rising stars, Dr Richard Peterson the CEO of Market Data Vendor, MarketPsychData, which puts sentiment analysis front and center of their business. We cover quite a...

Panel Discussion: Systemic Risk: Are There Lessons to Be Learned?

January 9, 2013 Comments (0)

An interesting discussion from the 2012 Latsis Symposium "Economics on the Move" which took place in Zurich in September last year.
The video features a distinguished panel including Juerg Blum, Rama Cont, Carsten Detken, Peter Fischer, Jean Charles Rochet, Didier Sornette and Joseph Stiglitz.

You might also be interested in these other talks from the Symposium:

Ryan O. Murphy: Simple Stochastic Games - Risk Taking in Strategic Contexts...