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Video - World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2012

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 04:17:00 GMT

We are living in a new world of risk. Globalization, shifting demographics, rapidly accelerating technological change, increased connectivity, economic uncertainty, a growing multiplicity of actors and shifting power structures combine to make operating in this world unprecedentedly complex and challenging for corporations, institutions and states alike.

Uniquely placed to catalyse a response to this new landscape, the World Economic Forum is launching a platform to better understand, prepare for and respond to complex, interdependent risk. Find out more about the Risk Response Network.

You can view the full report below or download the report as a PDF.

Tim Weber writes over at the BBC:

"Severe income inequality" is the biggest global risk, according to a panel of experts assembled by the World Economic Forum.

The group points to "chronic government debt" as another problem threatening the world during the next 10 years.

The report also worries about "the dark side of connectivity" with its threat of "devastating cyber-attacks".

Global warming, failure of regulation and population growth are identified as three other top risks

This is the press conference on the luanch of the report, recorded live from London earlier this month.

You can see a selection of interviews with the World Economic Forum's Risk experts here.

Global Risks Report 2012

Global Risks Report 2012

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