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Podcast - The State of the Art in Low Latency - The Daly Post

Wed, 02 May 2012 08:30:00 GMT

Rob Daly is a financial tech journalist who produces the rather excellent Daly Post Podcast. In this most recent edition he asks:

Is the industry about to hit the “Wall of Physics” in low-latency performance? How fast is fast enough for those not practicing latency arbitrage? What are the basic latency questions all clients should ask of their vendors? These are but of a few questions the Daly Post Podcast discusses with Hyannis Port Research CEO and low-latency veteran technologist Tony Amicangioli.

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Rob Daly is a journalist who has spent over 16 years covering the IT industry and more than a decade covering the technology powering the global wholesale capital markets.

His work has appeared in a number of the leading trade journals, including The Trade, Securities Technology Monitor, Treasury & Risk, Waters, Sell-Side Technology, Buy-Side Technology, Inside Market Data, FX Week, Operational Risk and Regulation, Risk, Credit, PC Magazine, Managing Automation, and Technology Investor Magazine.

Rob has written on everything from network interface cards to cloud computing and from trading front ends to exchange matching engines. He has delivered news and insights via regular print, online and multimedia features.

You can find Rob on Twitter here and he has a profile at MoneyScience here.

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