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Taking Stock of Complexity Economics: Which Problems Does It Illuminate? Video Talks from Doyne Farmer, J-P Bouchaud, Ricardo Hausmann and Mauro Gallegati

Sat, 05 May 2012 02:19:00 GMT

A fascinating series of talks on Economic Complexity which took place at the Institute of New Economic Thinking Conference in Berlin earlier this year (I wish someone would invite me!).

Featuring some names which will be very familiar to regular MoneyScience users: Doyne Farmer, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Ricardo Hausmann and Mauro Gallegati.

Doyne Farmer, Professor at Santa Fe Institute and MoneyScience Advisory Panel Member. Doyne's talk starts about 6 minutes in.


Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Professor of Physics, École Polytechnique and President and Head of Research atHedge Fund, Capital Fund Management.


Ricardo Hausmann, Professor of the Practice of Economic Development, Harvard University


Mauro Gallegati, Professor of Economics, Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona

Discussion and Q&A


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