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Citizen CyberScience ─ New Directions and Opportunities for Human Computation

Sat, 07 Mar 2015 06:06:33 GMT

“There are already hundreds of thousands of people actively contributing to citizen cyberscience - we want to reach tens of millions.” ― Francois Grey, Citizen Cyberscience Centre Coordinator
“Citizen Cyberscience offers people around the world the opportunity to contribute to cutting- edge scientific research that may be of fundamental significance, as well as having applications relevant to their own lives.” ― John Ellis, CERN and James Clerk Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics at Kings College London
“Citizen Cyberscience has great potential not only for scientific researchers, but also for those working in the humanities and cultural heritage.” ― Mark Hedges, Deputy Director of the Centre for e-Research at King’s College London
“The power of the Internet and the growing public availability of scientific and other data have made possible the involvement of a wide variety of communities and citizens in a range of activities that... break new ground in public awareness and direct participation in important areas of scientific research.” ― Professor John Darlington, Director of the London e-Science Centre

Citizen CyberScience ─ New Directions and Opportunities for Human Computation

Human Computation (2014) 1:2:103-109 © 2014, Newman. CC-BY-3.0 ISSN: 2330-8001, DOI: 10.15346/hc.v1i2.2

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