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Economic Foundations for Social Complexity Science: Theory, Sentiments, and Empirical Laws (edited by Yuji Aruka & Alan Kirman)

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 10:07:17 GMT

This book focuses on how important massive information is and how sensitive outcomes are to information. In this century humans now are coming up against the massive utilization of information in various contexts. The advent of super intelligence is drastically accelerating the evolution of the socio-economic system. Our traditional analytic approach must therefore be radically reformed in order to adapt to an information-sensitive framework, which means giving up myopic purification and the elimination of all considerations of massive information. In this book, authors who have shared and exchanged their ideas over the last 20 years, offer thorough examinations of the theoretical-ontological basis of complex economic interaction, econophysics, and agent-based modeling during the last several decades. This book thus provides the indispensable philosophical-scientific foundations for this new approach, and then moves on to empirical-epistemological studies concerning changes in sentiments and other movements in financial markets.