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Cities, from Information to Interaction

November 14, 2018 Comments (0)

From physics to the social sciences, information is now seen as a fundamental component of reality. However, a form of information seems still underestimated, perhaps precisely because it is so pervasive that we take it for granted: the information encoded in the very environment we live in. We still do not fully understand how information takes the form of cities, and how our minds deal with it in order to learn about the world, make daily decisions, and take part in the complex system of...

Power and Leadership: A Complex Systems Science Approach Part I—Representation and Dynamics

November 14, 2018 Comments (0)

Historical social narratives are dominated by the actions of powerful individuals as well as competitions for power including warfare, revolutions, and political change. Advancing our understanding of the origins, types and competitive strength of different kinds of power may yield a scaffolding for understanding historical processes and mechanisms for winning or avoiding conflicts. Michael Mann introduced a framework distinguishing four types of power: political, military, economic, and...

Senior Researcher in Complex Systems @LakesideLabs

November 13, 2018 Comments (0)

Lakeside Labs is a research and innovation company driven by the vision to create solutions for networked systems using concepts from self-organization. To further strengthen our team, we have an opening for a senior researcher position in complex systems engineering with emphasis on robotics/drones and autonomous transportation. Tasks* Perform outstanding research in the field of complex systems* Publish in high-tier scientific journals and conferences* Actively participate in research...

Complex Systems Postgraduate Entry Scholarship @ University of Sydney

November 12, 2018 Comments (0)

Established in 2016, this Scholarship has been generously funded by the School of Civil Engineering to encourage and assist students with completing studies in complex systems at the University of Sydney. Applicants must have an unconditional offer of admission for the Masters of Complex Systems within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney.Applicants must have achieved a WAM of 75 and above, or equivalent, in their previous tertiary studies.  ...

The Moral Machine experiment

November 11, 2018 Comments (0)

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence have come concerns about how machines will make moral decisions, and the major challenge of quantifying societal expectations about the ethical principles that should guide machine behaviour. To address this challenge, we deployed the Moral Machine, an online experimental platform designed to explore the moral dilemmas faced by autonomous vehicles. This platform gathered 40 million decisions in ten languages from millions of people in 233...

Self-driving car dilemmas reveal that moral choices are not universal

November 11, 2018 Comments (0)

When a driver slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian crossing the road illegally, she is making a moral decision that shifts risk from the pedestrian to the people in the car. Self-driving cars might soon have to make such ethical judgments on their own — but settling on a universal moral code for the vehicles could be a thorny task, suggests a survey of 2.3 million people from around the world. Source:

A Nobel opportunity for interdisciplinarity

November 10, 2018 Comments (0)

Despite the growing interdisciplinarity of research, the Nobel Prize consolidates the traditional disciplinary categorization of science. There is, in fact, an opportunity for the most revered scientific reward to mirror the current research landscape.   A Nobel opportunity for interdisciplinarityMichael Szell, Yifang Ma & Roberta Sinatra Nature Physics volume 14, pages1075–1078 (2018) Source:

Urban Swarms: A new approach for autonomous waste management

November 9, 2018 Comments (0)

Modern cities are growing ecosystems that face new challenges due to the increasing population demands. One of the many problems they face nowadays is waste management, which has become a pressing issue requiring new solutions. Swarm robotics systems have been attracting an increasing amount of attention in the past years and they are expected to become one of the main driving factors for innovation in the field of robotics. The research presented in this paper explores the feasibility of a...

Quantifying reputation and success in art

November 9, 2018 Comments (0)

In areas of human activity where performance is difficult to quantify in an objective fashion, reputation and networks of influence play a key role in determining access to resources and rewards. To understand the role of these factors, we reconstructed the exhibition history of half a million artists, mapping out the coexhibition network that captures the movement of art between institutions. Centrality within this network captured institutional prestige, allowing us to explore the career...

How algorithmic popularity bias hinders or promotes quality

November 9, 2018 Comments (0)

Algorithms that favor popular items are used to help us select among many choices, from top-ranked search engine results to highly-cited scientific papers. The goal of these algorithms is to identify high-quality items such as reliable news, credible information sources, and important discoveries–in short, high-quality content should rank at the top. Prior work has shown that choosing what is popular may amplify random fluctuations and lead to sub-optimal rankings. Nonetheless, it is often...