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On the Playground: Did your teaching change in response to the crisis?

Sun, 02 Oct 2011 20:40:10 GMT

The kind of economics taught in graduate schools was the main contributor to the current crisis, claims Anatole Kaletsky - a statement that begs the question: Has economics teaching changed in response to the current crisis? "The Kids" asked a dozen economists in the halls of the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, and we invite you to watch what they said.

The Teaching of Economics

Brad DeLong admits that before the crisis he felt unease teaching models of irrational bubbles, simply because those models are not "clean" and "do not hang together." He and Anatole Kaletsky would like to see more behavioral economics in the curriculum, models with realistic psychology. Others, like Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Ha-Joon Chang, and Stephen Ziliak, explain why their teaching remained largely what it was before the crisis. But see yourself. Click here to watch the video

More video clips from "The Kids":

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