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Follow A Sound, Long Term Strategy

August 7, 2013 Comments (0)

Building wealth is difficult. Some might say impossible. The numbers prove this with the wealthiest twenty percent of investors controlling ninety percent of all investable assets. There will always be turmoil, uncertainty and volatility within the investment markets. The only way to eliminate those factors would be to move to another planet. While building wealth is not easy - it is possible. To build wealth we cannot worry about the things which we cannot control. We have no control...

The Pioneer Day Raft & Run Event Raised More Than $30K in Support of Single, Utah Moms Who Dream of a College Degree

July 31, 2013 Comments (0)

PROVO, Utah—July 29, 2013—On one of the first overcast days in July, participants from across the state gathered at Provo River Canyon to support single, Utah moms and their mission of a college degree. Raising more than $30,000 for the Live Your Dream Foundation and Scholarship, the proceeds from this year’s inaugural Pioneer Day Raft and Run will provide tuition assistance for up to 10 more Utah moms, allowing them to finish their college degrees and improve the quality of life for their...

The Wind Has Shifted

June 21, 2013 Comments (0)

The markets have been fretting over “taper talk” for the last few weeks culminating with Wednesday’s Fed announcement. The initial printed release from the Fed had little talk of change but his later remarks and Q&A revealed that the Fed indeed is set to end QE by mid-2014. Depending on conditions of course – as the Fed would want me to say. Bonds and stocks both fell as a result. Bonds, along with anything interest rate sensitive, have been crushed over the last four to six weeks. We...

The Pioneer Day Raft And Run

June 12, 2013 Comments (0)

Dear Friends, Every year Paragon Wealth Management sponsors the “Live Your Dream” scholarships for struggling, single moms and fundraises with generous sponsors for this worthy cause. This year we are hosting an exciting new fundraiser race, it’s called The Pioneer Day Raft and Run. For more information and/or to register go to To our knowledge, this is the first-ever raft and run race (if not nationwide for sure in Utah)! We would like you, your family and friends to come...

Balancing Act

May 24, 2013 Comments (0)

The first warning shot across the bow of the markets from the Fed came on Wednesday. Fed Chair Bernanke appeared before Congress on Wednesday and finally signaled that, depending on the data of course, the Fed could start slowing the rate of QE. The markets immediately reversed and on Thursday the Japanese market, which has been on an absolute tear, fell 7%. Whether or not this will lead to the long-awaited correction remains to be seen. The markets have been on a tear due in a large part...

Best Of State Gala

May 20, 2013 Comments (0)

On May 11, 2013, Paragon Wealth Management was awarded for the 2013 Best of State Award for Investment Advisory Services. The following pictures are from the Best of State Gala.

No Longer High-Yield But Definitely Still Junk

May 10, 2013 Comments (0)

Simply amazing. Junk bond indexes and funds should now drop the “High Yield” description that they use in their names. With these bonds now yielding around 5% we have sold out of most of our positions in this area. At this level the returns are just not worth the risk. That doesn’t mean junk bonds will blow up any time soon but we would rather sell high and take what the market is giving us at this time. Junk yields at 5% are a direct consequence of the Fed’s Zero Interest Rate Policy as...

Paragon Wealth Management Awarded Best of State 2013

May 2, 2013 Comments (0)

Paragon Wealth Management, a national leader in the investment and wealth management field is proud to have been awarded the 2013 Best of State Award for investment advisory services. This is the fourth year that Paragon has been awarded this prestigious award, that recognizes their commitment to financial excellence and the community they provide for in Utah. Paragon also received the award in 2008, 2011, 2012, and now 2013. “We are excited to once again win Best of State,” says David Young...

Is The Stock Market Still Safe At These Levels?

April 17, 2013 Comments (0)

With the market hitting new highs, this is another question that is regularly asked. When you look at the market over the long term it provides a different perspective. Currently, the broad stock market is back to where it was almost 13 years ago. In August of 2000 the S&P 500 hit a level of 1517. Then after seven years of ups and downs, in October 2007, the S&P 500 finally hit 1549. Then five and a half years after that, the S&P 500 hit 1514 again. The bottom line is that it has taken...

One Goes Down While The Other Goes Up

March 28, 2013 Comments (0)

There was an interesting report yesterday published by NDR (Ned Davis Research) highlighting the current financial position of households through 2012. The data shows how households have continued to recover from the financial crisis and in many cases are now in the best position in over a decade. Households have been paying off debt aided by low interest rates, rebounding asset prices and slowly improving incomes. The data tracked by NDR covers various household debt service and...