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Musings on Markets's Blog

Billion-dollar Tech Babies: A Blessing of Unicorns or a Parcel of Hogs?

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

A unicorn is a magical beast, a horse-like, horned creature that is so rare, that even in mythology, you almost never run into a blessing of unicorns (which, I have learned is what a group of unicorns is called). It was perhaps the rarity (and magic) of private businesses with billion-dollar valuations that led Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures, to call them unicorns, in 2013, but as their numbers increase by the month, it may be time to rename them after a species that is more common...

The Value and Pricing of Cash: Why low interest rates & large cash balances skew PE ratios

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

For an asset that should be easy to value and analyze, cash has been in the news a lot in the last few months, both when it has been returned (in buybacks especially) and also when it has been accumulated either domestically or offshore. Since companies have always returned cash and held cash balances, you may wonder why these stories are news worthy but I think that the cash is under the spotlight because of a convergence of factors, including the rise of technology companies in the market...

Cash, Debt and PE Ratios: Cash is an upper and debt is a downer!

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

In my last post, I looked at the leavening effect that large cash balances have on PE ratios, especially in a low-interest rate environment. In making that assessment, I used a company with no debt to isolate the effect of cash, but many of the comments on that post raised interesting points/questions about debt. The first point is that while cash acts as an upper for PE, debt can act as a downer, with increases in debt reducing the PE ratio, and that if we are going to control for cash...

No Light at the end of the Tunnel: Investing in Bad Businesses

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

I am a cynic when it comes to both CEOs and equity research analysts. I think that many CEOs are political animals, bereft of vision and masters at using strategic double-speak to say absolutely nothing. I also believe that many equity research analysts are creatures of mood and momentum, more market followers than leaders. Once in while, though, my cynicism is upended by a thoughtful CEO or a well-done equity research report and even more infrequently by both happening at the same time, as...

Is your CEO worth his (her) pay? The Pricing and Valuing of Top Managers!

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

It is the time of the year when stories about CEO compensation are the news of the day, and investors and onlookers alike get to ask whether a CEO can really be worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars, in annual compensation. Before I join the crowd, it behooves me to list my biases to start, because it will allow you to make a judgment on whether I am letting these biases color my conclusions. First, I believe that in some companies, CEOs not only add very little in value to the...

The Search for Investment Serenity: The Look Back Test!

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

Late last year, in a post titled “Go where it is darkest”, I argued that the best investment opportunities are likely to be found in the midst of fear and uncertainty. I looked at two companies, Vale and Lukoil, that were caught up in perfect storms, where commodity prices had moved against them, the countries (Brazil and Russia) that they were located in were in turmoil, the local currencies were in retreat and the companies themselves faced corporate governance questions. I concluded that...

The Small Cap Premium: Where is the beef?

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

For decades, analysts and investor have bought into the idea of a small cap premium, i.e., that stocks with low market capitalizations can be expected to earn higher returns than stocks with higher market capitalizations. For investors, this has led to the pursuit of small cap stocks and funds for their portfolios, and for analysts, it has translated into the addition of "small cap" premiums of between 3-5% to traditional model-based expected returns, for companies that they classify as small...

Dealing with Low Interest rates: Investing and Corporate Finance Lessons

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

A few months ago, I tagged along with my wife and daughter as they went on a tour of the Federal Reserve Building in downtown New York. While the highlight of the tour is that you get to see large stacks of US dollars in the basement of the building, I considered making myself persona non grata with my immediate family by asking the guide (a very nice Fed employee) about the location of the interest rate room. That, of course, is the room where Janet Yellen comes in every morning and sets...

Illiquidity and Bubbles in Private Share Markets: Testing Mark Cuban's thesis!

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

It looks like Alibaba is investing $200 million in Snapchat, translating (at least according to deal watchers) into a value of $15 billion for Snapchat,  a mind-boggling number for a company that has been struggling to find ways to convert its popularity with some users (like my daughter) into revenues. While we can debate whether extrapolating from a small VC investment to a total value for a company make sense, there are two trends that are incontestable. The first is that...

The GM Buyback: Beyond the Hysteria!

July 29, 2015 Comments (0)

Here is a script for a movie about the evils of stock buybacks, with the following players. The victim is an well-managed company in a business with significant growth opportunities and profit potential. The company has delivered products that its customers love, while paying its workers top-notch wages & benefits and invested heavily and prudently in its future. The villain is an activist investor, and for added color, let's make him greedy, short term and a speculator. In the story, he...