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Data Affinity – Merging Data and Processing

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:42:17 GMT

Coherence has an interesting article on merging data and processing. Gigaspaces offers something similar with its XAP products, coupled with PU’s – compute and data grids (are fabrics a dead tech word now?) merged :)

Data affinity allows associations to be set up between data in different caches so that the associated data objects in the two different caches are collocated on the same machine

If you take the time to read through the above linked articles, you’ll notice that much of what is written has actually been discussed over the last n years by various people, including my blog. Effectively the merge of data and compute grid’s isn’t a new concept (like most things), but today’s technology has helped refine the possible solutions that can greatly reduce the processing time of trade data by cutting out the often costly LAN/WAN data packet shifting that occurs in the classic old style grid usage of Datasynase, Platform, Microsoft HPC etc

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