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Bret Victor – Creators Need an Immediate Connection

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 07:08:15 GMT

Coding the Market points to Bret Victor’s presentation, “Inventing on Principle”. The code editor for JavaScript in the presentation is very cool. Likewise Bret’s web site is just cool. Bret’s bio page flows nicely, and his resume is not only impressive, but also appropriately condensed into a single page.

So to Magic Ink. As Coding states, an awful lot of this paper is relevant to financial and trading applications. The “Reducing interaction” From/To example is just painful – it reminds me of booking flights and trains :(

Bret’s suggested path:

The first step toward the information software revolution is widespread recognition of the need for design.

The second step toward the information software revolution is finding people with talent for visual communication

The third step is complementing the designer’s talent with skill

The fourth step is supplementing the designer’s talent and skill with tools and platforms.

The fifth and final step into the information software revolution is an environment where experimentation, evolution, and interplay of ideas can thrive

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