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Superbowl Ad Hijacking Martin Luther King’s Message Of Selflessness

Mon, 05 Feb 2018 19:48:03 GMT

I don’t pay much attention to TV. I’ve noted on here it has been decades since I watched a TV news broadcast. I did watch the Superbowl this weekend. I watched it as much as a sociological experiment as I did for the game. Frankly, I haven’t watched a Superbowl in so long I can’t remember. But, it’s very interesting to gain perspective watching the halftime shows, the TV ads, etc. One that blew my mind was the Dodge truck ad.  By the way, a very attractive new design. One I’d certainly drive off into the wilderness to forget about the madness of our society. (There are certainly good things about technological progress and good things capitalism has taught us as well. Most are how to actually not build a democratic or just society. But, how to work collectively to accomplish something. Yes, collectively. Ayn Rand’s exaltation of corporations is the exaltation of the collective hive mind of a corporation where forced conformity and subjugation is demanded in return for a...