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Recent Examples That The State Continues Down The Path Of Massive Crisis Or Outright Collapse

Sat, 31 Mar 2018 10:19:09 GMT

Just a quick post on an interview with Alan Dershowitz that is completely on point regarding special counsels and how our legal system has been headed down the rabbit hole for generations. The article and interview are here. (A long time theme on here is the ultimate collapse of both political parties in this nation.) To that topic, let’s go back and look at Robert Mueller, a man who may be of dubious ethics. Who knows what his motives and intents are in this special investigation of Trump. Could he be targeting Trump as Dershowitz notes? If you believe the reporting (link) of some highly credible names as noted here, Robert Mueller may be a man of dubious ethical standards who is highly motivated by self-interest and the politicization of our legal system. While I’m on the topic, let’s throw in one final report that will never make it to the evening news or the headlines of the New York Times because of the institutionalized corruption that plagues our news sources. Mostly...