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Confronting the Kaya Identity with Investment and Capital Stocks. (arXiv:1112.0758v1 [q-fin.GN])

Mon, 05 Dec 2011 19:31:59 GMT

Scaling relations, such as the IPAT equation and the Kaya identity, are
useful for quickly gauging the scale of economic, technological, and
demographic changes required to reduce environmental impacts and pressures; in
the case of the Kaya identity, the environmental pressure is greenhouse gas
emissions. However, when considering large-scale economic transformation, as
with a shift to a low-carbon economy, the IPAT and Kaya identities and their
cousins fail to capture the legacy of existing capital, on the one hand, and
the need for new investment, on the other. While detailed models can capture
these factors, they do not allow for rapid exploration of widely different
alternatives, which is the appeal of the IPAT and Kaya identities. In this
paper we present an extended Kaya identity that includes investment and capital
stocks. The identity we propose is a sum of terms, rather than a simple scaling
relation. Nevertheless, it allows for quick analysis and rapid exploration of a
variety of different possible paths toward a low-carbon economy.

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