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Nonanalytic behaviour in a log-normal Markov functional model. (arXiv:1104.0322v3 [q-fin.CP] UPDATED)

Wed, 07 Dec 2011 19:33:26 GMT

In a previous paper it was shown that a Markov-functional model with
log-normally distributed rates in the terminal measure displays nonanalytic
behaviour as a function of the volatility, which is similar to a phase
transition in condensed matter physics. More precisely, certain expectation
values have discontinuous derivatives with respect to the volatility at a
certain critical value of the volatility. Here we discuss the implications of
these results for the pricing of interest rates derivatives. We point out the
presence of nonanalyticity effects in other quantities of the model, focusing
on the properties of the Libor probability distribution function in a measure
in which it is simply related to caplet prices. We show that the moments of
this distribution function have nonanalytic dependence on the volatility, which
are also similar to a phase transition. We study in some detail the pricing of
caplets on Libor rates and Libor payments in arrears, and show that the
convexity adjustment for the latter is also nonanalytic in the model

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