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Modelling systemic cojumps with Hawkes factor models. (arXiv:1301.6141v1 [q-fin.ST])

Sun, 27 Jan 2013 19:35:41 GMT

Instabilities in the price dynamics of a large number of financial assets are
a clear sign of systemic events. By investigating a set of 20 high cap stocks
traded at the Italian Stock Exchange, we find that there is a large number of
multiple cojumps, i.e. minutes in which a sizable number of stocks displays a
discontinuity of the price process. We show that the dynamics of these jumps is
not described neither by a multivariate Poisson nor by a multivariate Hawkes
model, which are unable to capture simultaneously the time clustering of jumps
and the high synchronization of jumps across assets. We introduce a one factor
model approach where both the factor and the idiosyncratic jump components are
described by a Hawkes process. We introduce a robust calibration scheme which
is able to distinguish systemic and idiosyncratic jumps and we show that the
model reproduces very well the empirical behaviour of the jumps of the Italian

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