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Agent-based and macroscopic modeling of the complex socio-economic systems. (arXiv:1303.3693v1 [physics.soc-ph])

Sun, 17 Mar 2013 19:35:58 GMT

The current economic crisis has provoked an active response from the
interdisciplinary scientific community. As a result many papers suggesting what
can be improved in understanding of the complex socio-economics systems were
published. Some of the most prominent papers on the topic include (Bouchaud,
2009; Farmer and Foley, 2009; Farmer et al, 2012; Helbing, 2010; Pietronero,
2008). These papers share the idea that agent-based modeling is essential for
the better understanding of the complex socio-economic systems and consequently
better policy making. Yet in order for an agent-based model to be useful it
should also be analytically tractable, possess a macroscopic treatment
(Cristelli et al, 2012). In this work we shed a new light on our research
group's contributions towards understanding of the correspondence between the
inter-individual interactions and collective behavior. We also provide some new
insights into the implications of the global and local interactions, the
leadership and the predator-prey interactions in the complex socio-economic

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