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Representation and approximation of ambit fields in Hilbert space. (arXiv:1509.08272v1 [math.PR])

Mon, 28 Sep 2015 19:54:02 GMT

We lift ambit fields as introduced by Barndorff-Nielsen and Schmiegel to a
class of Hilbert space-valued volatility modulated Volterra processes. We name
this class Hambit fields, and show that they can be expressed as a countable
sum of weighted real-valued volatility modulated Volterra processes. Moreover,
Hambit fields can be interpreted as the boundary of the mild solution of a
certain first order stochastic partial differential equation. This stochastic
partial differential equation is formulated on a suitable Hilbert space of
functions on the positive real line with values in the state space of the
Hambit field. We provide an explicit construction of such a space. Finally, we
apply this interpretation of Hambit fields to develop a finite difference
scheme, for which we prove convergence under some Lipschitz conditions.

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