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Quantifying instabilities in Financial Markets. (arXiv:1704.05499v1 [q-fin.ST])

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 19:44:23 GMT

Financial global crisis has devastating impacts to economies since early XX
century and continues to impose increasing collateral damages for governments,
enterprises, and society in general. Up to now, all efforts to obtain efficient
methods to predict these events have been disappointing. However, the quest for
a robust estimator of the degree of the market efficiency, or even, a crisis
predictor, is still one of the most studied subjects in the field. We present
here an original contribution that combines Information Theory with graph
concepts, to study the return rate series of 32 global trade markets.
Specifically, we propose a very simple quantifier that shows to be highly
correlated with global financial instability periods, being also a good
estimator of the market crisis risk and market resilience. We show that this
estimator displays striking results when applied to countries that played
central roles during the last major global market crisis. The simplicity and
effectiveness of our quantifier allow us to anticipate its use in a wide range
of disciplines.