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The Universality of Zipf's Law for Time-Dependent Rank-Based Random Systems. (arXiv:1707.04285v1 [q-fin.EC])

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 19:45:01 GMT

We characterize the conditions under which rank-based systems of continuous
semimartingales generate an asymptotic size distribution that satisfies Zipf's
law. For a system that follows the strong form of Gibrat's law, with growth
rates and volatilities that do not vary across rank, these conditions require
that the system be conservative and complete, and are satisfied by many large
systems of time-dependent ranked observations. We generalize Zipf's law to a
less restrictive form in which a log-log plot of size versus rank does not have
to be a straight line of slope -1, but rather has a tangent line of slope -1 at
some point. Under certain regularity conditions, we show that the same
conditions of conservation and completeness imply that rank-based systems that
deviate from Gibrat's law in a specific but realistic manner generate an
asymptotic size distribution that is quasi-Zipfian. Because many real-world
systems that follow the strong form of Gibrat's law satisfy Zipf's law, and
even more systems that do not follow the strong form of Gibrat's law are
quasi-Zipfian, our results offer an explanation for the universality of Zipf's