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Multilayer Aggregation of Investor Trading Networks. (arXiv:1708.09850v1 [q-fin.TR])

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 19:40:59 GMT

Investor trading networks are gaining rapid interest in financial market
studies. In this paper, we propose three improvements for investor trading
network analyses: investor categorization, transaction bootstrapping and
information aggregation. Each of these components can be used individually or
in combination. We introduce a tractable multilayer aggregation procedure to
summarize security-wise and time-wise information integration of investor
category trading networks. As an application, we analyze the unique dataset of
Finnish shareholders throughout 2004-2009. We find that households play a
central role in investor networks, having the most synchronized trading.
Furthermore, we observe that the window size used for averaging has a
substantial effect on the number of inferred relationships. However, the
relative node centrality in the networks is rather stable. We would like to
note that the use of our proposed aggregation framework is not limited to the
field of investor trading networks. It can be used for different non-financial
applications, with both observable and inferred relationships, that span over a
number of different information layers.