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Sharpness of improved Fr\'echet-Hoeffding bounds: an optimal transport approach. (arXiv:1709.00641v1 [math.PR])

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 19:53:31 GMT

The improved Fr\'echet--Hoeffding bounds are ad-hoc estimates on the
Fr\'echet class of probability distributions with given marginals and
prescribed values on a subset of R d . Using an optimal transport approach, we
first provide an alternative derivation of the improved upper bound. To this
end, we establish a dual representation of a constrained transport problem over
distributions in the aforementioned Fr\'echet class and show that the improved
upper Fr\'echet--Hoeffding bound belongs to the class of admissible functions
for the dual optimization problem. The proof of strong duality is based on a
general representation result for increasing convex functionals and the
explicit computation of the conjugates. We show further that the improved upper
Fr\'echet--Hoeffding bound is not the dual optimizer of this transport problem.
In turn we prove that the improved upper bound is the dual optimizer of a
relaxed version of the initial transport problem, thus proving sharpness of the
improved upper Fr\'echet--Hoeffding bound for the relaxed Fr\'echet class. This
is achieved by direct construction of the dual optimizers for a certain class
of objective functions.