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Tensor Representation in High-Frequency Financial Data for Price Change Prediction. (arXiv:1709.01268v1 [cs.CE])

Tue, 05 Sep 2017 19:47:30 GMT

Nowadays, with the availability of massive amount of trade data collected,
the dynamics of the financial markets pose both a challenge and an opportunity
for high frequency traders. In order to take advantage of the rapid, subtle
movement of assets in High Frequency Trading (HFT), an automatic algorithm to
analyze and detect patterns of price change based on transaction records must
be available. The multichannel, time-series representation of financial data
naturally suggests tensor-based learning algorithms. In this work, we
investigate the effectiveness of two multilinear methods for the mid-price
prediction problem against other existing methods. The experiments in a large
scale dataset which contains more than 4 millions limit orders show that by
utilizing tensor representation, multilinear models outperform vector-based
approaches and other competing ones.