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Estimation for high-frequency data under parametric market microstructure noise. (arXiv:1712.01479v1 [math.ST])

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 20:03:56 GMT

In this paper, we propose a general class of noise-robust estimators based on
the existing estimators in the non-noisy high-frequency data literature. The
market microstructure noise is a known parametric function of the limit order
book. The noise-robust estimators are constructed as a plug-in version of their
counterparts, where we replace the efficient price, which is non-observable in
our framework, by an estimator based on the raw price and the limit order book
data. We show that the technology can be directly applied to estimate
volatility, high-frequency covariance, functionals of volatility and volatility
of volatility in a general nonparametric framework where, depending on the
problem at hand, price possibly includes infinite jump activity and sampling
times encompass asynchronicity and endogeneity.