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Remarks on Bayesian Control Charts. (arXiv:1712.02860v1 [stat.AP])

Sun, 10 Dec 2017 19:42:57 GMT

There is a considerable amount of ongoing research on the use of Bayesian
control charts for detecting a shift from a good quality distribution to a bad
quality distribution in univariate and multivariate processes. Monitoring
continuous-time multivariate processes by using Bayesian control charts is
studied in Makis (2008) [Makis, V. (2008). Multivariate Bayesian control chart.
Operations Research, 56(2), 487-496, DOI: 10.1287/opre.1070.0495]. Makis (2008)
and some other authors widely claimed that Bayesian control charts were
economically optimal, compared to non-Bayesian control charts. This paper first
shows that the Bayesian control charts considered by Makis (2008) are not
always better than non-Bayesian control charts. Secondly, it demonstrates that
the algorithm presented in Makis (2008) to determine the optimal control limits
of Bayesian control charts fails to find the true optimal values.