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Testing for Common Breaks in a Multiple Equations System. (arXiv:1606.00092v2 [math.ST] CROSS LISTED)

Thu, 11 Jan 2018 19:46:18 GMT

The issue addressed in this paper is that of testing for common breaks across
or within equations of a multivariate system. Our framework is very general and
allows integrated regressors and trends as well as stationary regressors. The
null hypothesis is that breaks in different parameters occur at common
locations and are separated by some positive fraction of the sample size unless
they occur across different equations. Under the alternative hypothesis, the
break dates across parameters are not the same and also need not be separated
by a positive fraction of the sample size whether within or across equations.
The test considered is the quasi-likelihood ratio test assuming normal errors,
though as usual the limit distribution of the test remains valid with
non-normal errors. Of independent interest, we provide results about the rate
of convergence of the estimates when searching over all possible partitions
subject only to the requirement that each regime contains at least as many
observations as some positive fraction of the sample size, allowing break dates
not separated by a positive fraction of the sample size across equations.
Simulations show that the test has good finite sample properties. We also
provide an application to issues related to level shifts and persistence for
various measures of inflation to illustrate its usefulness.