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Multi-factor approximation of rough volatility models. (arXiv:1801.10359v1 [math.PR])

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 19:51:54 GMT

Rough volatility models are very appealing because of their remarkable fit of
both historical and implied volatilities. However, due to the non-Markovian and
non-semimartingale nature of the volatility process, there is no simple way to
simulate efficiently such models, which makes risk management of derivatives an
intricate task. In this paper, we design tractable multi-factor stochastic
volatility models approximating rough volatility models and enjoying a
Markovian structure. Furthermore, we apply our procedure to the specific case
of the rough Heston model. This in turn enables us to derive a numerical method
for solving fractional Riccati equations appearing in the characteristic
function of the log-price in this setting.