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Immediate Causality Network of Stock Markets. (arXiv:1802.02699v1 [q-fin.ST])

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 19:41:54 GMT

A financial system contains many elements networked by their relationships.
Extensive works show that topological structure of the network stores rich
information on evolutionary behaviors of the system such as early warning
signals of collapses and/or crises. Existing works focus mainly on the network
structure within a single stock market, while a collapse/crisis occurs in a
macro-scale covering several or even all markets in the world. This mismatch of
scale leads to unacceptable noise to the topological structure, and lack of
information stored in relationships between different markets. In this work by
using the transfer entropy we reconstruct the influential network between ten
typical stock markets distributed in the world. Interesting findings include,
before a financial crisis the connection strength reaches a maxima, which can
act as an early warning signal of financial crises; The markets in America are
mono-directionally and strongly influenced by that in Europe and act as the
center; Some strongly linked pairs have also close correlations. The findings
are helpful in understanding the evolution and modelling the dynamical process
of the global financial system.