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A Score-Driven Conditional Correlation Model for Noisy and Asynchronous Data: an Application to High-Frequency Covariance Dynamics. (arXiv:1803.04894v1 [q-fin.TR])

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 19:58:58 GMT

We propose a new multivariate conditional correlation model able to deal with
data featuring both observational noise and asynchronicity. When modelling
high-frequency multivariate financial time-series, the presence of both
problems and the requirement for positive-definite estimates makes the
estimation and forecast of the intraday dynamics of conditional covariance
matrices particularly difficult. Our approach tackles all these challenging
tasks within a new Gaussian state-space model with score-driven time-varying
parameters that can be estimated using standard maximum likelihood methods.
Similarly to DCC models, large dimensionality is handled by separating the
estimation of correlations from individual volatilities. As an interesting
outcome of this approach, intra-day patterns are recovered without the need of
any cross-sectional averaging, allowing, for instance, to estimate the
real-time response of the market covariances to macro-news announcements.