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Scaling properties of extreme price fluctuations in Bitcoin markets. (arXiv:1803.08405v1 [q-fin.ST])

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 19:44:47 GMT

Detection of power-law behavior and studies of scaling exponents uncover the
characteristics of complexity in many real world phenomena. The complexity of
financial markets has always presented challenging issues and provided
interesting findings, such as the inverse cubic law in the tails of stock price
fluctuation distributions. Motivated by the rise of novel digital assets based
on blockchain technology, we study the distributions of cryptocurrency price
fluctuations. We consider Bitcoin returns over various time intervals and from
multiple digital exchanges, in order to investigate the existence of universal
scaling behavior in the tails, and ascertain whether the scaling exponent
supports the presence of a finite second moment. We provide empirical evidence
on slowly decaying tails in the distributions of returns over multiple time
intervals and different exchanges, corresponding to a power-law. We estimate
the scaling exponent and find an asymptotic power-law behavior with 2 <
{\alpha} < 2.5 suggesting that Bitcoin returns, in addition to being more
volatile, also exhibit heavier tails than stocks, which are known to be around
3. Our results also imply the existence of a finite second moment, thus
providing a fundamental basis for the usage of standard financial theories and
covariance-based techniques in risk management and portfolio optimization