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Financial Contagion in a Generalized Stochastic Block Model. (arXiv:1803.08169v1 [q-fin.RM])

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 19:49:02 GMT

We extend analytic large network results on default contagion in random
graphs to capture a pronounced Block Model structure. This includes as a
special case the Core-Periphery network structure, which plays a prominent role
in recent research on systemic risk. Further, in the existing literature on
systemic risk using random graph methods the problematic assumption that the
distribution of liabilities solely depends on the creditor type seems to
persist. Under this assumption a straightforward application of the law of
large numbers allows to turn edge related random elements into deterministic
vertex properties. Here we study a general setting in which the liabilities may
depend on both the creditor and the debtor where this argument breaks down and
a direct asymptotic analysis of the edge weighted random graph becomes
necessary. Among several other applications our results allow us to obtain
resilience conditions for the entire network (for example the global financial
network) based only on subnetwork conditions. Contrasting earlier research we
also give an example that demonstrates how reshuffling edge weights to form
blocks can in fact impact resilience even for otherwise very homogeneous