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Financial Trading as a Game: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach. (arXiv:1807.02787v1 [q-fin.TR])

Mon, 09 Jul 2018 19:46:10 GMT

An automatic program that generates constant profit from the financial market
is lucrative for every market practitioner. Recent advance in deep
reinforcement learning provides a framework toward end-to-end training of such
trading agent. In this paper, we propose an Markov Decision Process (MDP) model
suitable for the financial trading task and solve it with the state-of-the-art
deep recurrent Q-network (DRQN) algorithm. We propose several modifications to
the existing learning algorithm to make it more suitable under the financial
trading setting, namely 1. We employ a substantially small replay memory (only
a few hundreds in size) compared to ones used in modern deep reinforcement
learning algorithms (often millions in size.) 2. We develop an action
augmentation technique to mitigate the need for random exploration by providing
extra feedback signals for all actions to the agent. This enables us to use
greedy policy over the course of learning and shows strong empirical
performance compared to more commonly used epsilon-greedy exploration. However,
this technique is specific to financial trading under a few market assumptions.
3. We sample a longer sequence for recurrent neural network training. A side
product of this mechanism is that we can now train the agent for every T steps.
This greatly reduces training time since the overall computation is down by a
factor of T. We combine all of the above into a complete online learning
algorithm and validate our approach on the spot foreign exchange market.