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On the solution uniqueness in portfolio optimization and risk analysis. (arXiv:1810.11299v1 [q-fin.PM])

Sun, 28 Oct 2018 19:47:54 GMT

We consider the issue of solution uniqueness for portfolio optimization
problem and its inverse for asset returns with a finite number of possible
scenarios. The risk is assessed by deviation measures introduced by Rockafellar
et al. (2006) instead of variance as in the Markowitz optimization problem. We
prove that in general one can expect uniqueness neither in forward nor in
inverse problems. We discuss consequences of that non-uniqueness for several
problems in risk analysis and portfolio optimization, including capital
allocation, risk sharing, cooperative investment, and the Black-Litterman
methodology. In all cases, the issue with non-uniqueness is closely related to
the fact that subgradient of a convex function is non-unique at the points of
non-differentiability. We suggest methodology to resolve this issue by
identifying a unique "special" subgradient satisfying some natural axioms. This
"special" subgradient happens to be the Stainer point of the subdifferential