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Optimal trading using signals. (arXiv:1811.03718v1 [q-fin.TR])

Sun, 11 Nov 2018 19:43:28 GMT

In this paper we propose a mathematical framework to address the uncertainty
emergingwhen the designer of a trading algorithm uses a threshold on a signal
as a control. We rely ona theorem by Benveniste and Priouret to deduce our
Inventory Asymptotic Behaviour (IAB)Theorem giving the full distribution of the
inventory at any point in time for a well formulatedtime continuous version of
the trading algorithm.Since this is the first time a paper proposes to address
the uncertainty linked to the use of athreshold on a signal for trading, we
give some structural elements about the kind of signals thatare using in
execution. Then we show how to control this uncertainty for a given cost
function.There is no closed form solution to this control, hence we propose
several approximation schemesand compare their performances.Moreover, we
explain how to apply the IAB Theorem to any trading algorithm drivenby a
trading speed. It is not needed to control the uncertainty due to the
thresholding of asignal to exploit the IAB Theorem; it can be applied ex-post
to any traditional trading algorithm.