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Approximation of Optimal Transport problems with marginal moments constraints. (arXiv:1905.05663v1 [math.PR])

Tue, 14 May 2019 19:55:56 GMT

Optimal Transport (OT) problems arise in a wide range of applications, from
physics to economics. Getting numerical approximate solution of these problems
is a challenging issue of practical importance. In this work, we investigate
the relaxation of the OT problem when the marginal constraints are replaced by
some moment constraints. Using Tchakaloff's theorem, we show that the Moment
Constrained Optimal Transport problem (MCOT) is achieved by a finite discrete
measure. Interestingly, for multimarginal OT problems, the number of points
weighted by this measure scales linearly with the number of marginal laws,
which is encouraging to bypass the curse of dimension. This approximation
method is also relevant for Martingale OT problems. We show the convergence of
the MCOT problem toward the corresponding OT problem. In some fundamental
cases, we obtain rates of convergence in $O(1/n)$ or $O(1/n^2)$ where $n$ is
the number of moments, which illustrates the role of the moment functions.
Last, we present algorithms exploiting the fact that the MCOT is reached by a
finite discrete measure and provide numerical examples of approximations.