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Efficient computation of mean reverting portfolios using cyclical coordinate descent. (arXiv:1905.05841v1 [q-fin.PM])

Wed, 15 May 2019 19:45:00 GMT

The econometric challenge of finding sparse mean reverting portfolios based
on a subset of a large number of assets is well known. Many current
state-of-the-art approaches fall into the field of co-integration theory, where
the problem is phrased in terms of an eigenvector problem with sparsity
constraint. Although a number of approximate solutions have been proposed to
solve this NP-hard problem, all are based on relatively simple models and are
limited in their scalability. In this paper we leverage information obtained
from a heterogeneous simultaneous graphical dynamic linear model (H-SGDLM) and
propose a novel formulation of the mean reversion problem, which is phrased in
terms of a quasi-convex minimisation with a normalisation constraint. This new
formulation allows us to employ a cyclical coordinate descent algorithm for
efficiently computing an exact sparse solution, even in a large universe of
assets, while the use of H-SGDLM data allows us to easily control the required
level of sparsity. We demonstrate the flexibility, speed and scalability of the
proposed approach on S\&P$500$, FX and ETF futures data.