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Free Webinar - Luigi Ballabio on QuantLib Development - July 13th, 10am BST


All events starting the week of Friday 3rd of July


Event: MoneyScience Financial Training - Introduction to QuantLib Development with Luigi Ballabio

Starting on: Monday 29th of June, 2015. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Read our interview with Luigi Ballabio about the origins of QuantLib, the plans for the future and a run-down on what to expect from this course.

Event: Liquidity and Market Efficiency – Alive and Well?

Starting on: Friday 3rd of July, 2015. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The recent financial crisis has given a serious blow to the doctrine of market efficiency. At the same time the need has arisen to better understand liquidity which evaporated in the midst of the crisis. How are liquidity and market efficiency related? It has been argued that liquidity in stock and debt markets, especially in short-term money markets, may be maximized under very different conditions regarding the information content of market prices. What are the implications for systemic risks and financial stability? This one-day conference aims to bring together experts from all sides to better understand the key concepts of market liquidity and efficiency in different markets that research has helped to identify, the incentives facing practitioners in the market place, and the role regulation may have in correcting any market failures.