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GPUs, Monte Carlo Simulation and Kooderive with Professor Mark Joshi - February 25-27th, London, UK - Further Information

All events starting in September


Event: Social Simulation 2014

Starting on: Monday 1st of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The main aim of the Symposium is to facilitate the meeting of people working on different topics in different fields (mainly Economics, Finance and Computer Science) in order to encourage a structured multi-disciplinary approach to social sciences. Presentations and keynote sessions center around multi-agent modelling, from the viewpoint of both applications and computer-based tools. The event is also open to methodological surveys.

Event: Prague 12th Academic Conference

Starting on: Monday 1st of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences and the University of Economics, Prague, Faculty of Economics invite you to participate in 12th International Academic Conference to be held in September 1-4, 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic, at University of Economics, Prague. We welcome scholars, researchers, as well as corporation and government executives. You can present your research work or just attend.

Event: 7th European Summer School in Financial Mathematics

Starting on: Monday 1st of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The European Summer School in Financial Mathematics aims at bringing together talented young researchers in mathematical finance.

Event: The 22nd Annual Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Management

Starting on: Thursday 4th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The 22nd Annual Conference on Pacific Basin Finance, Economics, Accounting and Management will be held on 4-5 September 2014 in Aichi University, Nagoya, Japan


Paper Submission

The deadline for paper submission is May 10, 2014. Authors should send a Word or PDF file of their completed paper in English. Each submission should have the following on the cover page:
- Title of the paper
- Author’s name, affiliation and email address

On the second page of the paper should be an abstract. Only electronic submissions will be accepted to 2014pbfeam@gmail.com and cflee@mail.nctu.edu.tw. Authors will be notified of the review committee’s decision by May 15, 2014.

Event: 2014 International Congress on Economy, Finance and Business (ICEFB 2014)

Starting on: Monday 8th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

ICEFB 2014 is to be held at Nagoya, JAPAN. The aim of the conference is meant to offer a forum for honorable scholars and well-known professors to meet and discuss the cutting-edge researches on economy, finance, and business. We believe in depth that such academic meeting will be the cradle of innovation. The scientific meeting comprised the above-mentioned fields, and English is the only official language of the ICEFB 2014. Prospective authors are invited to submit abstract or full papers through the online submission system. ICEFB 2014 warmly welcomes contributors from diverse fields of economy, finance and business.

Event: Set-Valued Variational Analysis and Optimization with Applications in Finance

Starting on: Monday 8th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

The conference is devoted to set and vector optimization, its application in Finance and the underlying convex and variational analysis for vector- and set-valued functions as well as module extensions of variational analysis.

We invite researchers working on these topics to present their results and discuss their points of view to set-valued optimization including equilibrium problems, variational inequalities, financial models using set-valued functions, (L0-)module structures, scalarization procedures and algorithmic methods for such models.

Since we want to bring together people working on (theoretical) set-valued optimization and potential users, we explicitly invite researchers working on financial markets models with frictions to participate.

Event: 4th Annual Funds Transfer Pricing and Balance Sheet Management

Starting on: Monday 15th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Why You Should Attend

Many financial institutions are no longer establishing the basics of Funds Transfer Pricing and understanding how things should work in theory before they implement their systems. Instead they are now focusing on the challenges that will be facing banks which have FTP up and running, specifically looking at negotiating the balance between what is theoretically desirable and what is practically obtainable. Many banks are attempting to gain perfection in FTP, but the effort from where they are now to that small step up is immense and not necessarily worth it. As such banks should be looking more at what to do with the results that they are getting and how this can add value to the bank.

Event: Stochastics of Environmental and Financial Economics

Starting on: Monday 15th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Welcome to the conference on Stochastics of Environmental and Financial Economics. The conference will bring together leading researchers in the fields of stochastic analysis and finance to discuss recent developments and challenges with an edge towards energy, environmental and financial markets.

Event: 18th Annual Capital Allocation

Starting on: Tuesday 16th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Optimising internal allocation processes in an environment characterised by external uncertainty.

Why You Should Attend
This premier marcus evans conference provides case studies from leading market participants and opportunities to benchmark with peers on key topics such as practical allocation frameworks that incorporate economic and regulatory capital, calculating and managing RWAs, and assessing the impact of regulation such as CRD IV, Basel III, Vickers, Liikanen, and Dodd Frank.

Event: BU Mathematical Finance: Conference on Credit Risk and Systemic Risk

Starting on: Saturday 20th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

This event will bring together leading academic experts in the field. Presentations will provide perspective on issues pertaining to credit risk modeling and valuation, systemic risk and contagion, portfolio optimization with default, credit risk management and related computational and statistical methods.

Event: 14th FRAP - Finance, Risk and Accounting Perspectives Conference

Starting on: Monday 22nd of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Location: Oxford UK - Oriel College of the University of Oxford
(Sept. 22nd - 24st) - abstract submission closed,
but new full papers for review can still be submitted until July 20th.

Event: 4th Annual Derivatives Funding and Valuation : Mastering XVA

Starting on: Monday 22nd of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Working towards a derivatives pricing methodology incorporating funding, capital, and collateral costs.

Event: Statistical Inference for Lévy Processes

Starting on: Monday 22nd of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Recent years have witnessed great interest in financial models based on Lévy prcesses as possible alternatives to the traditional Black-Scholes model of financial markets. An appealing feature of models based on Lévy processes is their ability to reproduce important stylised features of financial time series. Moreover, there exists a well-developed mathematical (probabilistic) theory for Lévy processes. As any stochastic model, a financial model based on a Lévy process depends on various parameters (finite, or possibly infinite-dimensional).

Event: 5th International Conference on Islamic Jurisprudence in the 21st Century 2014 (ICIJ2014)

Starting on: Tuesday 23rd of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

In continuation of the academic efforts and activities that have been undertaken by the Department of Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) IIUM since its inception, and building upon the series of international conferences on Islamic jurisprudence it has so far organized either on its own or in collaboration with other parties:

Event: The 10th Fixed Income Conference

Starting on: Wednesday 24th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Early bird discounts have now ended. Register to the Main Conference + Workshop and receive a £150 discount.

Event: Mathematical Finance and Partial Differential Equasions 2014

Starting on: Friday 26th of September, 2014. Posted by: MoneyScience.

Partial differential equations, probability, and analytical methods are fundamental in the modeling and description of financial markets. The purpose of this meeting is to highlight the new methods, directions and the most recent research in partial differential equations, probability, stochastic control, numerical analysis, and their application to mathematical finance. The meeting encourages the participation of academic and industry researchers in this field and contributions on related topics are welcome.