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COO Connect Editorial: Interview with Phillip Chapple, Executive Director at KB Associates about hedge funds and counterparty risk:

  • Are hedge funds becoming complacent when it come to counterparty risk?
  • What are you telling your hedge funds to do?
  • Many smaller funds are opting for mini-primes. Do you think this is a model which has much of a future?
  • Investors do have concerns about the risks associated with miniprimes. Is this something you agree with?
  • What are investors looking at in terms of counterparty risk between hedge funds and their prime brokers?
  • Many sophisticated investors are demanding fee concessions while simultaneously pressuring managers to use multiple counterparties. How do managers get the balance right?
  • What are the main benefits of the different types of prime custody models?
  • What are the cost implications of prime custody for hedge funds?



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