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Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries - Volume II - Advanced Libraries


Robert Demming & Daniel J. Duffy

ISBN: 978-94-91028-02-1 
Datasim Education
350 pages
15 January 2012

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This is the successor to "Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries - Volume I". It is currently in development and is scheduled to be released at 15 January 2012.

Volume II continues the work and style of Volume I. In particular, we discuss a number of advanced libraries for network programming, interprocess, mathematics and data structures. We also wish use the libraries to support design patterns. We also discuss a number of applications in computational finance, scientific applications, CAD and optimisation.
We welcome feedback and comments on this book in the forums. We will try to use your suggestions to make the book relevant to you.
Short Description

The main goals of this volume are:

 - Extend and integrate the libraries in Volume I by applying them in a number of application areas.
 - Introduce approximately 20 libraries related to mathematical special functions, statistics, matrix algebra, multidimensional arrays, graphs and network programming.
 - Lay the foundations for applications so that we can use these libraries as-is without having to re-invent the wheel; for example, in the second edition of “C++ Instrument Pricing”.
 - Using multi-threading (Boost.Thread) in combination with other Boost libaries, thereby improving code performance.

The style is to discuss each library in detail and then giving some ‘101’ examples of use. We then move on to showing how to use the library to help us create ‘building blocks’ (for example, matrix solvers, PDE library) than can be used in larger applications.

Brief description: This is the successor to "Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries - Volume I"

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Website: http://www.datasim-press.com/BoostVolumeII.html

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