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Publication Name: All About Alpha

Brief description: A finance blog about hedge funds, portable alpha and alternative investing

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All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled Survey Respondents: Market Volatility is the Gravest Threat Just Now

Natixis Global Asset Management is out with its annual survey of institutional investors and their views about alternative investors. The survey included institutions around the world and of many distinct classes: corporate and public pension funds, insurance funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments/foundations, managing amongst them $15.5 trillion. The break-down ofRead More
(16 hours ago)

All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled Investing in Renewable Energy’s Infrastructure

As AllAboutAlpha’s readers likely know, in December 2015, in Paris, representatives of 195 countries adopted a framework for the mitigation of the effects of the emissions of greenhouse gases. The framework (known simply as the Paris Agreement) aims to confine the increase in global average temperature to just 2? CRead More
(4 days ago)

All About Alpha wrote a new blog post titled Foundation CIOs and the American Dream: A Conversation With Carnegie’s Kim Lew

By Charles Skorina This month we focus on the venerable foundations of New York City and one of their most accomplished investment pros: Kim Y. Lew, chief investment officer of the Carnegie Corporation. We have an in-depth conversation with Ms. Lew on her career in foundation investing and the future of womenRead More
(5 days ago)


AllAboutAlpha.com is an online strategic information service for the asset management and hedge fund industries.  Like a research firm, we immerse ourselves in the latest academic research, scan the headlines and provide subscribers with what we think they need to know as the asset management industry enters a period of rapid evolution.  Like a “blog,” we deliver those insights in a manner that is easy to digest, frequent and tempered by our own unique view of the world.

AllAboutAlpha.com is not a media firm or general hedge fund portal.  Instead, we partner with these companies to shine a focused light on issues of a strategic importance to asset managers.  We do not cover hedge fund launches, “people-moves,” or the performance or profiles of specific funds.   We do not provide information on how to launch a hedge fund, legal or operational issues, or the investment outlook for particular strategies.  We focus solely on uncovering the common denominators that tie together seemingly disparate developments to help our subscribers anticipate and manage change.

With nearly 1,000 archived articles and entries, and new material added daily, AllAboutAlpha.com is research tool designed to be an “early warning” system for asset managers, service providers, and investors.  Whether you simply visit on a daily basis to read our latest thoughts, or whether you subscribe to our Knowledge Base of archives and “research dossiers” as you create reports, pitches, internal research materials or publications, we hope you find AllAboutAlpha.com a valuable addition to your other research sources.