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Publication Name: Econometrics Beat

Brief description: Dave Giles is a Professor of Economics at the University of Victoria, Canada, where he specializes in Econometrics.

Publication URL: http://davegiles.blogspot.com/

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Owner Name: Professor David Giles

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Econometrics Beat wrote a new blog post titled In Praise of Two Giants of Econometrics

Two giants in our field, now deceased, are celebrated in recent Working Papers by Peter Phillips and Timo Ter√§svirta. Peter's paper is titled, "Tribute to T. W. Anderson", is in an issue of Econometric Theory that also includes ted's last published research paper. Timo's paper, which will be appearing in The Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, "Sir Clive Granger's contributions to nonlinear time series and econometrics". Both papers are essential reading, whether you have a...
(23 hours ago)

Econometrics Beat wrote a new blog post titled A "Journal of Insignificant (Economic) Results"?

The Replication Network carried a guest blog post by Andrea Menclova this week. The post was titled, "Is it Time for a Journal of Insignificant Results?" I was previously unaware of the existence of such journals in Psychology, Biomedicine, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Andrea calls for the introduction of such a journal in Economics, and she makes a really good point. Take a look at what she has to say! © 2017, David E. Giles
(2 days ago)

Econometrics Beat wrote a new blog post titled The Econometric Game, 2017

This year's edition of The Econometric Game is scheduled to take place next month in Amsterdam. Specifically, between 5 and 7 April the University of Amsterdam will once again host visiting teams of econometrics students from around the world to compete to become "World Champions of Econometrics". It's a great initiative that's now in its eighth year. This year, the competing teams come from: Aarhus UniversityCorvinus University of BudapestENSAEErasmus University RotterdamHarvard UniversityKU...
(8 days ago)