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Falkenblog wrote a new blog post titled Robeco's Concise Financial History of Europe

If you like finance and history, you'll love Robeco's "A Concise Financial History of Europe," written by Jan Sytze Mosselaar A lot of financial firms provide books to clients, and I bet if you visit Robeco in Rotterdam they'll give you one for your plane ride home, which is more than enough time to read it (100 pages, lots of pictures).It starts with Fibonacci introducing the Arabic number system in 1202, but interestingly the Florentine bankers prevented anything but Roman numerals as of 1299, and the Medici's didn't adopt Arabic numerals until 1500.The Florentine bankers Bardi,...
(271 days ago)

Falkenblog wrote a new blog post titled Centralized vs. Decentralized Social Welfare Maximizers

Faith in a select group of public servants to maximize social welfare is no better founded than the belief in the supernatural gifts of kings or noblemen. Just as misguided is the idea that good things, as decided by a majority, should be mandated. It should be remembered that our current prosperity and freedom have resulted from unwanted gradual changes in mores related to property rights, which when firmly established sparked the Industrial Revolution. Nobody planned that. Property rights were not created to win wars or eliminate poverty, though they did that as well as many other good...
(337 days ago)

Falkenblog wrote a new blog post titled The History of Individual Property Rights

John LockeIt is important to understand that property rights are not grounded on logic, but no right is.The liberal ideas that gave rise to the Enlightenment are generally thought (eg, Steven Pinker) to be a break from a religious thinking. Yet the key liberal idea, individual rights, especially property rights, are an axiom with little justification outside Christian theology. As Feynman noted with regards to scientific laws, the process of finding new ones is not deriving them via logic, but rather, guessing, and then looking at the consequences. History has shown that individual property...
(345 days ago)


I'm 46, and have three cute little kids and a beautiful wife. I'm a quant for a financial firm that does many things, mainly equity options market making, and I try to avoid things related to day-to-day activities. I blog for fun, and to champion some of my pet ideas.