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Fidessa wrote a new blog post titled The periodic table

I read with interest, and some dismay, Sam Agini’s great piece in Financial News yesterday about Marcus Ferber writing to ESMA be-moaning periodic auctions. Perhaps the most asinine comment attributed to Mr Ferber is that some such mechanisms are a “blatant attempt to undermine the Mifid II provisions aiming at having a larger share of trading in the light”. It is hard to know where to start in deconstructing this statement, but let me have a go anyway. The last part really sums up everything that is wrong with the MiFID regulations. When will regulators and their political...
(467 days ago)

Fidessa wrote a new blog post titled History of the World Part III

Those of us who have been in the industry for a while will remember what became known as the “Battle of the Bund” back in the early 1990s.The quick version is that newly formed DTB (now Eurex) managed, in just a few months, to repatriate trading in the benchmark Bund futures contract from London based incumbent, LIFFE. It did this by deploying screens across the London market which meant trading was simpler and, crucially, cheaper than the manual floor based alternative offered by LIFFE. This story went on to become a marketing classic on eating your competitor’s lunch as no one...
(532 days ago)

Fidessa wrote a new blog post titled ESMA’s first Heisenberg moment

Anyone who has watched the cult TV series Breaking Bad knows that Heisenberg was the clandestine alias adopted by the show’s chief protagonist, Walt White. The ‘original’ Heisenberg was, of course, the brilliant German theoretical physicist who developed his famous Uncertainty Principle. Simply stated it says that one can know either the position of a particle or its velocity but not both. Or, put more colloquially, the harder you try and measure something the less likely you are to be successful. I wonder, therefore, whether ESMA is facing its first MiFID II ‘Heisenberg...
(559 days ago)